TOF Transient Imaging
Frequency-Domain Transient Imaging
IEEE Trans.PAMI 2016 Project Page
This paper proposes transient imaging in the frequency domain using a multi-frequency time-of-flight (ToF) camera
Resolving transient time profile in ToF imaging via log-sum sparse regularization
Optics Letters 2015 Project Page
We demonstrate alog-sum sparsity regularization to recover TOF transient time profiles of specular reflections.
Fourier Analysis on Transient Imaging with a Multifrequency Time-of-Flight Camera
CVPR 2014 (Oral, accept rate: 5.75%) Project Page Source Code
This paper proposes a novel framework for transient image acquisition and reconstruction from a time-of-flight (TOF) camera using Fourier analysis in frequency domain.
Accurate 3D reconstruction using a Multi-phase ToF Camera
Photonics Asia 2014
This paper presents a method to calibrate a TOF camera and reduce the sensor noises and propose a multi-phase approach to improve the depth acquisition accuracy.