Light Field Image Processing
Light Field Image Processing: An Overview
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 2017 Project Page
This paper overviews all aspects of light field image processing, including the basic concept and theory, acquisition, super-resolution, depth estimation, compression, editing, display, and application.
Light Field Reconstruction Using Deep Convolutional Network on EPI
CVPR 2017 Project Page Source Code

A novel convolutional neural network (CNN)-based framework is developed for light field reconstruction from a sparse set of views.

The Light Field Attachment: Turning a DSLR into a Light Field Camera Using a Low Budget Camera Ring
IEEE Trans. VCG 2017 Project Page
We propose the concept of a lens attachment that turns a standard DSLR camera and lens into a light field camera.
Light Field Depth Estimation via Epipolar Plane Image Analysis and Locally Linear Embedding
IEEE Trans.CSVT 2017
In this paper, we propose a novel method for 4D light field depth estimation exploiting the special linear structure of epipolar plane image (EPI) and locally linear embedding (LLE).
Light Field Editing Based on Reparameterization
PCM 2015
We propose a new scalable algorithm for light field edit propagation, based on reparametrizing the input light field so that the coherence in the angular domain of the edits is preserved.
Light Field From Micro-baseline Image Pair
CVPR 2015 Project Page Source Code
We present a novel phase-based approach for recon- structing 4D light field from a micro-baseline stereo pair.
Coded Aperture Pair for Quantitative Phase Imaging
Optics Letters 2014 Project Page
This letter presents a new snapshot approach to hyper-spectral imaging via dual optical coding and compressive computational reconstruction.
Light Field Camera Array and Dynamic Light Field Streaming
EUROSIP08 VCIP07 ICME06 Project Page
We present a flexible 3DTV system in which multi-view video streams are captured, compressed, transmitted, and finally converted to high-quality 3D video in real time.